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Supporter engagement and experiences

Do you want to develop a unique event, or new fundraising product to engage your supporters, or a new audience? With 20 years' of experience, I would love to develop something bespoke for your charity.


Developing the concept, drafting key messages, developing the content and implementing the product are all phases I could be commissioned for. 


Are you new in your role, and feel as though you need some direct one to one support for developing and managing your fundraising programme?


This service has been developed for senior level charity staff, who are accountable for fundraising, but who may not  have this direct career history. 

I have a 6-month mentoring and coaching package, but can also offer a one-off session. I would provide support, ideas and feedback. 

Interim Cover

Are you looking for someone to fill a senor level fundraising role at short notice? 

I'm available for short-term fundraising and senior leadership roles, and I particularly enjoy supporting staff during periods of change.


I love delivering training both in-person and online, and I'm able to develop something unique for you. 

Some examples of the training I have delivered include: How to Develop a Fundraising Strategy, an Introduction to Raising Unrestricted Income from Individuals and Fundraising Creatively to support Income Diversification. 

While I would discuss the specific needs of your organisation, the other things I can offer are:

  • Case for support development

  • Fundraising strategy development

  • Support with goal setting, realistic targets and KPI's

  • Event development

  • Community fundraising

  • Project management

  • Product development, with a strength in mass participation

  • Copy writing

  • Recruitment support for fundraising staff

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