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Supporting as the Interim Director of Fundraising and Communications

In 2022 Lepra experienced a period of significant change in the Fundraising and Communications department, and I was asked to support in an interim capacity to lead a change process, develop a strategic plan, and support in the lead up the charity's centenary year. Lepra is a brilliant organisation finding the best possible medical treatment for complex diseases such as leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.


I have a wealth of experience helping organisations in an interim capacity, and it's always necessary to hit the ground running, and I often join the organisation during a period of change. My skills in adaptability, as well as being able to quickly build trust with direct reports, as well as the board of trustees, are invaluable in this kind of role. It helps that I enjoy roles where I have to steady the ship.

Over a period of nine months, I supported the CEO to develop a new organogram for the Fundraising and Communications department, that was both aligned with the following years strategic plan, and fit-for-purpose for the future of the organisation. I facilitated away days to secure buy-in from the staff, and presented during board meetings to seek feedback and approval.


Alongside this, I drafted the full strategic plan and budget for the following financial year and directly supported the department with the day-to-day priorities. Additionally, I conducted annual appraisals and drafted staff objectives. A process that was completely new to the organisation. It was also necessary to lead on a number of project planning meetings for the fast-approaching centenary year for Lepra.  

Once the proposed changes were approved, I supported in the development of JD's for the new and adapted roles, as well as the recruitment process for many of these roles. Finally, during quieter periods, I was able to draft bespoke strategic plans for two emerging areas of opportunity. I developed papers to support the organisation begin to grow income from corporate partners, and major donors. 

"I have worked with Laura multiple times over a period of three years. She has a natural talent for interim roles, being able to both steady the ship, while also pushing for change and a new strategic direction.

I completely trusted her to lead our fundraising and communications functions, and have seen how direct reports value her management style which quickly leads to high levels of trust and productivity.

I would consider working with her again in a range of capacities, as she is both adaptable and has a wealth of experience"

Jimmy Innes, Chief Executive at Lepra

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